Adjustable Hammer Crusher

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This hammer crusher is an adjustable and impact crusher. The crusher rotor  reserves enough capacity for crushing materials, make the raw materials crushing under the impact of the hammer head and collision with the counterattack cavity.

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The high wear-resistant counterattack liner improves the rate of hitting the material, thus achieving the purpose of finely crushing the material (particle gradation estimation: 30% below 0.5mm, 25% below 0.8mm, 30% below 1.5-2.0mm, 15% below 3.0mm).

The machine has greater impact, more dust, less returning material, and can automatically reduce dust. Compared with similar products, the output is about 30% higher and the output energy consumption is about 40% less.

The hammer head and wear-resistant liner are easily to replace, and the counterattack plate and the screen bottom plate are adjustable. It is an ideal equipment for crushing hard shale, coal gangue, ores.

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Brand BricMaker
Function Raw materials crushing
Raw Material Clay, Soil, Mud, Shale, Coal, Ash, Gangue
Working Principle Hammer Crushing
Warranty 1 Years
After Service Life Long Service

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Operation and Maintenance

a) Routine inspection should be done before starting, remove obstacles that affect operation and check the smoothness of bearings.

b) The crusher started running under no-load, and the iron remover is turned on. After normal operation, the material is evenly fed.

c) When stopping, the feeder should be stopped, then the crusher should be turned off, and then the discharger should be turned off.

d) Non-crushing materials cannot enter into crusher, and it should be shut down immediately if there is any abnormal.

e) It is strictly forbidden to use any object to inspect the equipment while it is running.

f) Protective covers should be installed on the spindle pulley and the motor pulley.

g) Check the anchor bolts and connection bolts to prevent them from loosening.

h) Check consumables frequently.

i) The moisture content of the materials entering the crusher should be ≤12%.

j) Check the wear of the hammer head and hammer pin regularly to prevent accidents caused by the hammer head falling off due to excessive wear of the hammer head and hammer pin.

k) When the wear of the hammer head is no longer sufficient, the head should be turned and used. When the hammer head is replaced, the basic balance of the rotating parts must be maintained. The weight difference between the hammer heads in the symmetrical direction must not exceed 150g.

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