Engineering Designing


Bottleneck principle, bigger head & smaller tail.

Avoiding some bottleneck factors restricting the production capacity. Guarantee designed & expected production and smooth engineering.


Overall layout:

Including raw materials piled up, production workshop, finished stacking, office and living facilities, green road lighting and other facilities.


Process development:

Including raw material processing (crushing, aging), body forming, kiln process, unloading bricks, packaging, etc.


Ancillary equipment selection:

According to technology to select matching process equipment, kilns, operating equipment, electronic control systems, workshop, etc.

Raw material storage.Crushing plant.Aging storage.Extrusion line.Green brick storage.6-tunnel drying & 3-firing.Sintered products.Packing.


2.Based Local conditions

Secondary stacking rack loading & unloading technology

Shale.Xinjiang City construction.High-quality products

Production of high-grade hollow block products, company is powerful, with good marketing or raw material with higher moisture content.


Secondary stacking rack loading & unloading technology

Waste soil.Life sludge

Stacking with 7 layers,6-tunnel drying chamber,Finished products storage

Secondary stacking with smaller drying cart technology


Life sludge

High moisture content of materials, consider economic considerations, this process suitable for small and medium company, one time or secondary stacking both can be selected.

Secondary stacking, if being on the proportion of high-volume fly ash, the secondary stacking is better than one time stacking, mainly through artificial drying kiln code blank altitude increases, the yield increases, the investment cost is higher than one time stacking, factory field slightly higher than one time stacking.


One-time stacking process

Raw materials (coal gangue, shale, etc.) with low moisture content. One time stacking simplifies the production process, reducing labors, improve the environmental conditions of workers, improve labor productivity, mechanization and automation easy, comprehensive cost less than the Secondary stacking process.


3.Focus on raw material refinement and uniform treatment

Raw material refinement

Depending on the different materials and the sintered products, the size of raw material requirements is different. But the general principle is that good granularity of raw materials, plastic raw materials is relatively high, adapt to higher product requirements.

Refine raw materials refers to chunks raw material broken by the impact of bigger equipment, then the raw material powder back feed faster speed of small crushing equipment such as wheel mill, cage crusher, roll crusher, etc. into fines raw material.


Raw material uniform treatment

Uniform raw materials, mainly through automatic water and electronic metering equipment in proportion to configure, stir, transported to the aging storage, making raw material particles moist, evacuation and increasing its stability, improving the molding properties of materials, drying properties and baking performance, to improve the products capacity and quality.


Raw material refinement

4.Kiln structure, pay attention to the principle of thermal sintering products

Changxing Tela brick products with thin-walled hollow bricks, the process requires low temperature, slow drying, air flow evenly, baking quickly. So three baking & one burning process, make sure the quality and capacity.

Changxing Tela.3-tunnel drying & 1-tunnel burning process


5.Stacking method, pay attention to sintered products thermal principle

The way of stacking is more important than burning


6.Economies scale

The principles are that high capacity, reduce cost, simple operation.


7.Worry, investment and energy saving

Equipment automation, robot stacking, brick unloading, packing, automatic control systems.

BricMaker supermarket, turnkey, one-stop service.


To sum up

All our job to ensure the smooth flow of the production process, ensure the quality, achieving economies of scale, reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency, and more convenient for the operator's management practices, enhance corporate image.