Equipments Selecting

The degree of reliability:The equipment can be stability in a time, or within a certain period of time, not any probability of problems.


Material: Gearbox gear materials using 20 Cr-Mn alloy, the material improves the wear resistance of the product, also ensure toughness.

Accuracy: Forging machining →thermal refining →metalworking →Carburizing → gear grinding, greatly improve the life of 5-10 times.

Strength: Considering the impact of the brick factory equipment operation, so the increase from design protection factor of 1-2 times.

Structure: At structural design, such as extruders extrusion axial force transmitted through the bearing sleeve thrust roller bearings, and then spread to the base unit, making extrusion machine spindle without axial force, only radial force.


Simplicity:Such as Japan’s shoot cameras, everyone can use it.

Cost performance:Full considering energy-efficient factor, how to invest in the same premise, maximizing increase production while reducing energy and other production costs.


Advancement:Robot system is reliable, flexible and convenient.

Temperature system, unloading system and red brick packing system, reducing labors.

Service:Optional equipment must take into consider the ability of suppliers’ after service and service system, strong after sales system supporting reliable equipment.

► timely response  ► professional services  ► service radius  ► one-stop service

Service concept: to trivialize their problems, little things of nothing, for their own services, thus shortening the time, draw closer, reduce costs, and reduce costs, improve user productivity, and brand services.

Selective:Appropriate process to choose the right equipment, there is no universal type of equipment which suitable for all processes.

According to

Different materials    Different green brick   Different stacking method   Different auger

Different screw pitch  Different rotate speed   Different electric current    Different capacity

Select a different brick making plant