JKY75/65EIII IV-4.0 Vacuum Extruder

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This model vacuum extruder equipment is mainly used for various bricks or blocks extrusion. And it is a new generation of heavy-duty equipment with hard-plastic extrusion. Which suitable for the raw materials of construction waste, spoil, clay, soil, mud, shale, coal, ash, gangue and etc.

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This machine is composed of clutch, reducer, up-level double-shaft agitating extrusion, down-level screw extrusion, vacuum exhaust system and so on. The up and down stages are arranged in a "T" shape, and the vacuum pumping system is arranged separately from the main engine and connected by a sealed pipeline. The reducer of this machine uses a special gearbox for hard tooth surface, which greatly improves the contact strength of the tooth surface and prolongs the service life of the gearbox. The main shaft adopts a floating shaft structure, which overcomes the head swing phenomenon during operation.

Working principle: The up-stage of extruder is powered by a 160/200kW motor, driving a pneumatic clutch, and transmitting to the up-stage mixing shaft through a special reducer to change the speed to complete the mixing, extruding and chopping of the mud; then it enters the vacuum box and passes through the vacuum pump, the air is drawn away, and the mud is pressed by the mud press to the down-stage auger. The down stage is powered by a 400/450kW motor to drive a pneumatic clutch, which is transmitted to the main shaft through a hard-tooth surface reducer, and then is pushed by the lower-stage screw auger, and is extruded and compressed through the conical head and nozzle.

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Brand BricMaker
Function Clay or sintered brick/block making
Raw Material Clay, Soil, Mud, Shale, Coal, Ash, Gangue
Working Principle Vacuum Extrusion
Final Product Solid/Hollow Brick/Block, Paver Brick
Warranty 2 Years
After Service Life Long Service

Technical Parameter






Production Capacity


30,000-50,000 35,000-55,000
Extrusion Pressure


4.0 4.0
Extrusion Moisture


13-18 13-18
Vacuum Degree


≤-0.092 ≤-0.092
Total Power


400+160 450+200
Overall Dimensions


7000×6300×3200 7000×6300×3200
Total Weight


47,000 52,000

Trade Information

Trade Information

Items Details Description

Delivery Sea Port Shanghai, China
Time of Delivery 30 Days
Price Terms EXW, FOB, DAF, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, PayPal
Packing Terms Dampproof, Dustproof, Quakeproof
Certification Bureau Veritas, CE, ISO9001, OHSAS18001
Certificate of Origin China
H.S.Code 8474809090

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