JKY80/70-4.0 Vacuum Extruder

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This model vacuum extruder equipment is mainly used for various bricks or blocks extrusion. And it is a new generation of heavy-duty equipment and specially for the raw materials of construction waste, spoil, clay, soil, mud, shale, coal, ash, gangue and etc.

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In 2020, we imported US advanced technology, combined with our more than 30 years equipments manufacturing experience, successfully independent R&D JKY80/70-4.0 Hard-Plastic Double-Stage Vacuum Extruder, kept ahead of market congeneric products.

This model vacuum extruder reamer receiving end diameter is 800mm, and the final extrusion auger diameter end is 700. Under this good extrusion compression ratio, which more suitable for making thermal insulation wall panel, split tile and bricks, bigger cross section hollow thermal insulation blocks with higher hollow ratio.

Product Features

a) Extruder Auger: welded by wear resistant electrode, this auger could be reusable; spraying wear-resistant metal materials (the hardness is 7 times of normal one), which ensure a longer service life.

b) Mixing reamer: higher chromium casting materials with higher wear resistance feature, it has a longer lifespan for manufacturing 30+ million bricks or blocks.

c) Gear reducer: adopted super quality alloy steel materials which is manufactured with carburizing, quenching, grinding process, Level-6 grade precision, its hardness reach HRC54~62 with feature of high loading capacity and longer lifespan.

d) Master shaft: adopted the Chinese top quality shaft material of 40Cr or marketing code 45, all the materials with quality heat treatment, which has advantages of good wear resistance, stronger transmission torque and longer lifespan.

e) Bearing: all the equipment’s bearings adopted the international famous brand Timken Bearing and Chinese top famous brand Hawaluo bearing etc.

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Brand BricMaker
Function Clay or sintered brick/block making
Raw Material Clay, Soil, Mud, Shale, Coal, Ash, Gangue
Working Principle Vacuum Extrusion
Final Product Hollow thermal insulation blocks/panel
Warranty 2 Years
After Service Life Long Service

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JKY80/70-4.0 Vacuum Extruder

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