Management Normalizing

Customers not only need to choose a provider with reliable equipment, strong technology, perfect after-sales service and regular exchanges of technical services. More importantly, their management should be in place to strengthen the management awareness, self-reliance.

Strengthen equipment management to ensure the normal operation of equipment, improving equipment utilization and perfectness ratio, this will directly improve the technical and economic indicators of enterprises, increase economic efficiency of enterprises.

Strengthen data management costs, raw materials, energy consumption, wages, equipment, taxes & other cost accounting data, control, management.


1.According to the use of specifications and operating manuals, rational use of equipment, forbid to overload using.

2.Take great importance to pre-job training, exchanging with suppliers, from unknowing to understanding and do a good job of daily maintenance of equipment.

3.Making standard of enterprise system, regulate employee behavior, make sure the continued normal operation of the production and operation.

4.Clear corporate missions, planning corporate vision, establishing corporate culture, developing corporate strategy.


Management win profits

Management purpose: Company pursuing longer & stronger life span, instead of how bigger it is. Authentically make the company continuously develop.

Company mission: Bricmaker offer you higher quality equipments and technology solution, to help you obtain greater economic benefits and realize your own life value!